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Product Information and Application


Product Name: Resonac Chloroprene
Chemical Name: Polychloroprene
HS Code Number: Solid 4002.49.00, Latex 4002.41.00

Functional elastomer providing a good balance of important properties for a wide variety of applications

Resonac has been manufacturing Polychloroprene in both solid and liquid dispersions for over 50 years with consistent, high quality performance and customer satisfaction. Resonac had a joint venture with DuPont from 1963 up until 2002 and continues to use the same manufacturing methods, formulations, and technology.

Polychloroprene is used in a wide variety of applications, including but not limited to: adhesives, asphalt emulsions, bridge bearings, coatings, general rubber parts, hoses, medical devices, textiles, waterproof membranes. Polychloroprene offers a good balance of properties over other elastomers, such as: high elasticity, oxidation resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, low temperature resistance, compression set, weather resistance, ozone resistance, abrasion resistance, and flame resistance.


1960 Established Showa Neoprene joint venture (JV: SDK 50%,Dupont 50%)
1963 Started Neoprene local production at Kawasaki.
2002 DuPont/Showa Denko joint venture terminated. Showa Denko took over 100% of the Chloroprene production plant in Japan.
2010 United States of America – Anti-Dumping Duty on Japanese chloroprene was lifted.
2012 First US warehouse opened in Cincinnati, OH.
2015 Second US warehouse opened in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Liquid Dispersion – Latex Grades

Showa Denko Latex is available in both anionic and non-ionic forms.

400 Anionic 50 Medium Copolymer Extremely fast Ozone,Weatherability
750 Anionic 50 Medium Copolymer Extremely slow Flex, excellent elasticity
753 Anionic 50 Medium Copolymer Extremely slow Flex, excellent elasticity with accelerator-free
650 Anionic 60 Medium Copolymer Extremely slow High solid version of LD750
654 Anionic 59 Low Copolymer Low Low modulus
842A Anionic 50 High Homopolymer Very slow High cure rate
671A Anionic 59 Med-High Homopolymer Medium-Slow High wet gel strength
SL101 Non ionic 59 Med-High Homopolymer Medium-Slow Colloidal stability at low pH
572 Anionic 50 High Homopolymer Fast Quick Grab strength
571 Anionic 50 High Homopolymer Slow General Purpose, High cure rate
115 Non ionic 47.5 Low Copolymer Slow Carboxylated,Hot bond strength
SD77S Anionic 55 Sol(No gel) Homopolymer Very fast Quick break for foam bonding
SD100 Anionic 55 Sol(No gel) Homopolymer Very fast Excellent Quick break for foam bonding
SND 57 Anionic 58 Sol(No gel) Homopolymer Medium Tackiness, very low MW
SD78 Anionic 60 Med-High Copolymer Fast-Medium Wood High Pressure Laminate

Dry Grades – General Application

Resonac Chloroprene has four different types: A, W, T and G. Dry Grade – General Purpose

[ML 1+4,100℃]
G Types (Sulfur-modified Group)
GW 37-49 Slow Sulfur modified G type with better heat and compression set resistance than GN and GRT
W Types (Basic Group)
W 42-51 Medium Standard grade for general purpose
WHV 109-130 Medium Higher viscosity version of W for high loading application and general adhesives
WHV100 95-105 Medium Lower viscosity version of WHV
W Types (Crystallization Resistant Group)
WXJ 42-51 Very Slow Good low temperature properties for general use
WRT 42-51 Extremely slow Excellent low temperature properties
W Types (Extrusion & Calendering)
WB 42-51 Medium Best extrusion and calendering properties
WXK 73-89 Very Slow Good low temperature properties with better extrudability
WXKT 106-117 Very Slow Higher viscosity version of WX-K for high loading use
W Types (Low Mold Fouling Group)
WK 42-51 Medium Better mold release version of W with good mill-and flow-ability
WXJK 42-51 Very Slow Improved mold release version of WXJ with good mill-ability
SND35 63-73 Extremely slow More excellent low temperature properties of WRT with improved mold release for injection molding goods
T Types (Specific Group for Extrusion, Calendering)
TW 42-51 Medium Superior extrusion and calendering grade with good tensile properties
TW100 85-102 Medium Higher viscosity version of TW for high loading use
TRT 42-51 Extremely slow Excellent low temperature properties with better processability

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Dry Grades – Adhesive Application

[ML 1+4,100℃]
W Types
W 42-51 Medium Chip/Slice Most common grade
WHV 109-130 Medium Slice Higher viscosity version of W.
WHV100 95-105 Medium Chip/Slice Lower viscosity version of WHV.
WXJ 42-51 Very slow Chip Soft film and high tack at low temperature.
WRT 42-51 Extremely slow Chip Extremely soft film and high tack at low temperature.
A Types
AC 31-43* Very fast Chip Adhesives and paints use with good breakdown properties
ADS 10-35* Very Fast Chip Low solution viscosity of AD, low VOC adhesive potential
AD 33-46* Very fast Slice Adhesives and paints use with good solution viscosity stability
AD40*** 76-115* Very fast Slice High solution viscosity version of AD
AF 45-115** Slow Chip Excellent hot bond strength. Carboxylated.
AG 80-130 Medium-Slow Slice Excellent sprayability, thixotropy.

* Brookfield viscosity of 5% raw polymer solution in toluene at 25℃, [mPas] ** Brookfield viscosity of 10% raw polymer solution in toluene/hexane(60/40 vol/vol) at 25℃, [mPas] *** Produce to Order

Packing of Chloroprene Rubber


1,000kgs (2,204lb)/Pallet
16 pallets in a 20ft container
16,000kgs (35,264lb)


Net: 1110kg (2,442lb)
Gross: 1170kg (2,574lb)
Size: 1200 X 1150 X 1100mm

ISO Tank

Approx. 5,000 gallons
or 44,000lb or 20MT
wet weight

Paper Bag

25kg or 20kg/Bag
(55.10lb or 44.08lb/Bag)


25kg (55.10lb)/Bag
Melting Point at 90⁰C(194⁰F)