Resonac will hold free webinar sessions on the following, “Material Solutions for Next Generation Power Module” on October 26th, 2023.

Please join us for an enlightening session covering advanced materials in Power Module tech!

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Date: October 26, 2023
Session 1:




Session 2:




Webinar Topic and Presenter:

1. Overall introduction of Resonac’s Power Module-related materials and technologies
Rajesh Jose Pendanam
Head of Marketing

2. High Tg and high thermal conductive Molding Compound for high-reliability Power Module and Discrete
Akihiro Nozaki
Senior Engineer
Encapsulation Materials R&D Department

3. Copper Sintering Pastes with High Thermal Conductivity and High Bonding Reliability
Dr. Hideo Nakako
Doctor of Engineering
Senior Researcher, Institute for Advanced Integrated Technology

What you can expect is:

– learn about Resonac’s total material solutions for next-generation Power Module development.
– know how you can choose molding compounds to achieve your development target.
– learn about the way to improve the reliability by following 2 technologies
(1) using High Tg molding compound with the optimized property.
(2) using higher elongation and high thermal conductivity material for die-bonding and large area bonding (between substrate and heatsink).