Die Bonding Film

Underfill Film

UF series has achieved flip chip interconnection only by applying heat and pressure without conventional liquid underfilling. Two types are available: with and without conductive particles. It can be available for various connection methods.


  • Realizable fine pitch interconnection only with the application of heat and pressure.
  • Unnecessary for underfill.
  • Stress reduction between a chip and a substrate.
  • 2 types are available: one with and one without conductive particles.

Characteristics (Typical Values)

Item Unit FC-212K UF-536 Test method
 Conductive particles Included None
 Die bonding  condition  Temp. °C 180 180
 Load MPa 1 1
 Time s 20 20
 Elastic modulus (40) GPa 6.6 6.6 DMA
 Tg °C 172 172 DMA