MAP Molding Support Tape

RT Series

MAP Molding Support Tape RT Series

RT series is a supporting tape used in the map molding process of QFN and SON. Attaching on the reverse face of a lead frame, it has achieved no flush burr after molding and high productivity in wire bonding. The applications has been expanded to new packages besides QFN and SON.


  • Thermoplastic resin with high thermal stability for adhesive layer.
  • Good wire bondability.
  • No flash burr after molding.
  • No adhesive on lead frame after detaping.
  • Low adhesiveness of the tape at room temperature achieves no dust attachment.

Packaging process using RT series (map molding type)

Characteristics (Typical Values)

Item Unit RT-321 RT-521
Features Standard Cu L/F
Bonding temp. °C 200~250 200~250
Detaping temp.* °C 25~200 25
Flash burr after molding None None
Residue after detaping None None