LED Chips

Reflection Type LED Chip

Product Information

These are high-power infrared LED chips and high-brightness red LED chips comprised of a vapor-phase epitaxial growth layer, reflection coatings and substrates.We offer a lineup of various chip sizes and emission wavelengths for a variety of applications.We offer a lineup of double junction LED chips with twice the light output compared to our conventional products.We offer a lineup of P-up LED Chips which have the opposite polarity compared to our conventional products ” N-up LED Chips”.

Compound Composition

  • Aluminum indium gallium phosphide:AlGaInP (AlInGaP)
  • Aluminum gallium arsenide:AlGaAs (GaAlAs)


Sensors for the industrial machinery, bar code readers, automotive exteriors, photocouplers, photorelays, encoders, medical sensors, biometric authentication, infrared lighting.