Photosensitive Materials for PWBs

PV-F Series

Product Information

PV-F series are film type photosensitive materials to form pattern for high density wiring interposer and build-up layer.


  • This material forms square and via patterns by applying the photolithography process (exposure, development), can support the improvement of the design margin of semiconductor PKG substrate.
  • This material forms a seed layer by electroless plating by applying desmear process
(One of our data)

Item Unit PV-F008
Seeding method E-less Cu plating
Via resolution µm Φ < 40
CTE (x-y plane) ppm/℃ 27
Tg 173
Elongation % 4.5-5.5
Peel strength kN/m > 0.5
Dielectric constant (Dk) / Dissipation factor (Df) 3.2-3.4 / 0.02
Insulation Reliability Layer to layer
130 ℃, 85 %RH, 5.5 V, 15 µm
200hr Pass

* Available upon request for film thickness

Various pattern images (thickness : 25 µm)

Photosensitive Build-up Film - PV-F Series

Layer to layer insulation reliability

Test condition; 130 ℃, 85 %RH, 5.5 V
Test coupon image

Photosensitive Build-up Film - PV-F Series

Test results graph

Photosensitive Build-up Film - PV-F Series