Advanced Battery Materials


Product Information

Alias Name

  • vapor grown carbon fiber
  • carbon nanotube
  • VGCF-H

About the product

  • Carbon nanofiber with high crystallinity synthesized with the vapor phase method. Superior in thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, strength property and slidability (lubricity). Due to its fiber diameter larger than that of carbon nanotube, it can be easily handled (dispersion, etc.) and used for wider purposes.

    • With an extremely small average fiber diameter (150nm), functions as excellent filler with thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, strength, and slidability.
    • Chemically stable, with small specific surface area and with minute amount of absorption moisture.
    • With almost 10 years of mass production performance, quality is stable.

    Representative characteristics
    Unit Graphitized product
    Fiber diameter nm 150
    Fiber length µm 10 – 20
    Aspect ratio - 10 – 500
    True density g/cm3 2.0
    Apparent density VGCF(R) (standard type) g/cm 0.04
    VGCF(R) -H (high apparent-density type) 0.08
    Specific surface area m2 /g 13
    Crystal Co Å 6.78
    Lc Å 400
    Electrical conductivity Powder resistivity Ωcm 0.012
    Single fiber specific resistance Ωcm 1 x 10-4
    Ash % 0.1

Main Application

  • For batteries (Li ion secondary batteries, capacitors, fuel cells, etc.)
  • Addition of thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, slidability (lubricity), and strength to resin
  • Addition of electrical conductivity and strength to ceramics
  • Improvement of thermal conductivity of metal


Careful handling is required to prevent inhalation and skin contamination.

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Dry powder


3kg bag

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