Advanced Battery Materials


Product Information

Alias Name

  • Vapor grown carbon fiber
  • Multiwalled carbon nanotube
  • VGCF-H

About the product

VGCF-H (Vapor Grown Carbon Fiber) is a carbon fiber additive synthesized using a chemical vapor deposition method and then graphitized. Our product promotes the movement of lithium ions by using our conductive additive in a cathode and an anode for lithium-ion secondary batteries (LIB), creating a long-distance conductive path within the electrode.

In addition, compared to the other conductive additives, this unique material can tolerate high temperatures and prevent battery deterioration due to a smaller specific surface area.

Since 1996, the VGCF-H product has been received positive feedback for its ability to enhance both the input/output characteristics and the battery life cycle.

“VGCF” is a registered trademark of Resonac Corporation in Japan, People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, Republic of Korea, United States of America.

Representative characteristics

Fiber diameter 150nm

Fiber length 4μm

Specific surface area 15m²/g

Bulk density 0.080g/cm³

Electric resistance 0.017 Ω・cm

(002)Spacing C 0.678 nm

Water contents 0.05%

Carbon contents >99.99%

The above data is representative values only, not guaranteed values.

Main Application

Conductive additive for batteries, etc.


Careful handling is required to prevent inhalation and skin contamination.

Associated Information


Dry powder


3kg bag

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