CMP Slurry

BEOL Application

“GPX” has two types: HS-C series for Cu and HS-T series for barrier metals. The polishing performance is controllable for various processes and devices.


  • High removal rate at low down force polishing.
  • Low dishing and erosion.
  • Removal selectivity of Cu, TaN, and oxide is tunable.

CMP Process

Advanced semiconductor devices with high performance are required to have multi-level layers, fine patterns to obtain high speed transmission. CMP process is indespensable to have well-planarized interlayer dielectric or metals in LSI and accomplish the above requirments.

Characteristics (Typical Values)

Item Unit HS-H635 HS-T605 HS-T815
Use for Cu for TaN Non selective
Features Abrasive free like High removal @low down force High selective Non selective
Removal Rate Cu A/min. 8,000 250 480
TaN 40 650 750
SiO2 <50 650
SiOC <50 200