Cleaning Sheet

N-CS Series

N-CS series is sheet type cleaning materials which removes stains from molding die for semiconductor encapsulation. With higher cleaning performance, it can reduce the time to clean-up molding die, compared with conventional cleaning compounds.


  • Reduced time to clean molding die.
  • Good solution for: burrs on the surface of the molding die, stains from gas, and blocking of air vent.
  • Environmentally safe materials, there are less noxious fumes, contamination and corrosion of molding die after cleaning.

How To Use

Put the sheet on the molding die.

Compress and mold.

Open the die and remove the sheet.



Cleaning sheet

Wax sheet





Application Conventional EMC

Green compounds

Clear compounds

Features Cleaning, recovery of releasability Low temperature cleaning Good cleaning performance, and easy to peel off of the die Applicable for all compounds

Cleaning Performance

*Tentative data after 300 shot of continuous molding with our green compounds

N-CS W for Small Cavities

  • Completely fills the cavity of the mold die without an air gap.
  • Suitable for molding die with small cavity for small-sized semiconductor, diodes and mini transistor.
  • Designed in a way that the cavity is not blocked when the sheet is set on the mold die in any position.
  • The air inside the cavity can completely escape from it and can remove off stains from the entire cavity.