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Product Information

Resonac has been manufacturing Chlorinated Polyethylene under the brand name Elaslen™ since 1968. Our Elaslen CPE materials are produced at the Kawasaki Japan manufacturing plant with dedication to a low mineral/metallic content in the finished product. A unique thermoplastic polymer of our own development, Elaslen™ is manufactured by chlorinating high density polyethylene. Its excellent flexibility, weatherability, heat aging resistance, flame retardancy, and chemical resistance enable it to be used not only singly as an elastomer, but also as a modifier for PVC, polyolefins, ABS and other general-purpose plastics, and for rubbers such as EPDM, chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSM), chloroprene, and SBR.

Chemical Name: Chlorinated Polyethylene
HS Code Number: 3901.90.10
Quality Control Program: ISO 9001
Environment Control Program: ISO 14001